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Sabaki River Mouth

Ever seen hippos surfing? The Sabaki river is on the way to Malindi and right where the river enters the sea, hippos can often be spotted gamboling in the surf. Quite a unique sight! The area also offers an assortment of nature trails and birdlife.

Watamu and Malindi Marine Parks

These parks were established in 1968 and are the first of their kind in Africa. The ocean blue waters here host a wide variety of corals. Within the coral kingdoms that abound herein, multi-coloured fishes can be seen ducking in and out of this extensive reef. The coral gardens offer spectacular areas for goggling. In these gardens you are bound to see different species of coral fish like the Angelfish, Butterfly fish, Triggerfish and even have an opportunity of watching the Surgeonfish at work. Many glass-bottomed boats to take you for tours in the coral gardens are available. Scuba diving can also be arranged within the hotels.

Mida Creek

Mida Creek is located south of Malindi along the Mombasa-Malindi road. The creek covers around 32 square kilometers and is composed of extensive mudflats and mangrove forests that attract a wide variety of flora and fauna. Along the sheltered creeks and estuaries can be seen many species of mangroves, among them the Rhizophora mucronata, Avicenia Marina and Ceriops tagal among others. Along the margins of the mangrove forests on Sudi Island, the Pied Kingfisher, the Little Egret, the Osprey and the African Fish Eagle abound. In the mudflats abound the Yellow-billed Storks, the grey and Black-headed herons and the Woolly-necked Storks. Along the sandy areas are the Ghost crabs, Money crabs and the Fiddler crabs.

Snake & Crocodile Farm

The Bioken Laboratory and Snake Farm is located about 2 kilometers north of Watamu and is internationally known for having the biggest collection of snakes in Africa. It has a live collection of around 200 snakes of 30 different species. The research station is owned and managed by James and Sanda Ashe and was designed to breed snakes for use in research. However, it is open to the public. You may also visit the African Snake Farm off Mombasa-Malindi road just after Malindi Airport. Other snake farms worth visiting include the snake and crocodile farm near Malindi Marine Park and the Francis Ngombo Snake Farm near Gede.

Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

This forest is a reserve located near Watamu where a number of rare endemic species of birds and animals live, including the Sokoke Owl, the Sokoke Cat and the Golden Rumped Elephant Shrew. There are guides and walking trails and it is a beautiful place for nature lovers and bird watchers.




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