Che Shale, stylish, simple, secluded.
Che Shale in Malindi, Kenya
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With an average of 300 days of wind per year; and an average of 16 knots, the best months for Kitesurfing at Che Shale are July through September and January through April.

Che Shale offers a one-of-a-kind combination of chilled and stylish location; huge and uncrowded beach; reliable wind and a variety of kiting conditions from flat lagoon to serious wave riding.

Where else in the world can you combine the adrenaline of world-class kiting conditions and the thrill of an African wildlife safari - all in one unforgettable trip?

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Kite Course
Kite Course
Kite Course + Stay

3 Days/9 Hours 340 €

From beginner to board stage Day 1: Stunt Kite
Day 2: Body Dragging
Day 3: Board Stage

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2 to 3 Days/ 6 Hours 220 €

Recommended add-on to the Beginner course. Also great for students who’ve completed a course a while ago and need a refresher. Master water start, ride upwind and learn transitions

40 € /Hour

Recommended if you only have another day to spend at the beach after you completed your beginner Master water start, ride upwind and learn transitions

6 nights Che Shale 850€/person*

6 nights Kajama 590€/person*

*Half board basis

*Full Beginner Course (8 to 10 hrs)

*East Africa Citizens & Residents 10% off Beginner Course (8 to 10 hrs)

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