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The Baharini School

About 500 meters up the beach from Che Shale, the Baharini School welcomes 90+ children aged 4 to 10.  The school was started in 2003 and with the support of our community, Che Shale’s clients and family members, it continues to offer children a place to learn and grow.

A committee that is made of member of the community and Vanessa Aniere manages the funds and donations and how they are to be spent. The Kenyan government provides all the books so that the teachers can follow proper curriculum. The main challenge facing the school is how to absorb the rapid growth in the number of students and how to ensure maintaince of the buildings and grounds.

If you are interested in visiting the school, the teachers, and the children; or if you would like to make a donation or bring school supplies, we will be happy to organize that during your stay.

Giriama Cultural Village in Gongoni

Just 10 minutes away from Che Shale, the local community has organized a very interesting cultural village that displays the unique culture and beliefs of the Giriama people. You will learn how a traditional Giriama village is organized and you will learn about the traditional ways of harvesting, cooking, praying and healing. The visit will end with a lovely traditional dance and song.

Malindi Town

Malindi is situated 20 kms south of Che Shale. It is a Muslim town with a vibrant life of its own. The town of Malindi has journeyed through many eras from the time of the early Chinese and Arab traders to the Portuguese sailors and later on to European settlers who alongside other investors have transformed Malindi into a reputable destination of tourism importance. The many interesting sights include the fish market, the arts and craft market, the old market and the Vasco da Gama Pillar. You will find some very good Italian and seafood restaurants, ice cream, coffee shops as well as a few excellent local restaurants serving Swahili and Indian food.

Vasco Da Gama Pillar

Situated in the heart of old town, at the end of a jetty, The pillar is one of the oldest remaining monuments in Africa and was built in 1498 by the great Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama as a sign of appreciation for the welcome he was given by the Sultan of Malindi.

The Gede Ruins

The Gede Ruins date back to the late 13th century and was abandoned in the early 17th century. The exact reason as to why the town was abandoned is not actually known though it is assumed that the town was plundered and destroyed by unknown invaders in the 17th century. A Nature Trail of deciduous forests dominates the inner and outer walls of the ruins and a small museum has been set up to exhibit ancient Arab, Chinese and Phoenician porcelain excavated from the ruins. Guided walks can also be arranged.


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