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About Che Shale

Our location

Che Shale is located on the Kenyan coast, we are right on the beach and we are the only hotel located on our beautiful 5 km bay.

We are a two-hour drive from Mombasa and a twenty-minute drive from Malindi. You no longer need a 4x4 vehicle to get to Che Shale as the road has been laid out with coconut husks.
If you fly into Mombasa, we are a 2.5-hour drive and if you fly into Malindi, we are 30 minutes away.

Daily Flights (one hour duration) run from Nairobi to Malindi with Kenya Airways (, Air Kenya ( and Fly540 (

What makes Che Shale unique

Che Shale is often described as castaway-chic, secluded and stylish.

Unlike most properties on the Kenya coast, we are a small beach hotel, built with natural materials and tucked away in lush vegetation.  Our location is very secluded and we are the only property situated on a beautiful bay that stretches 5 kilometers.

Che Shale’s style is very unique. Our bandas and restaurant are built with renewable local materials such as Casaruina trees, palm trees, doum palms, coconut fiber, mango wood and other local woods. You will not find any plastic or any signs of a modern complicated life at Che Shale. Furniture, fittings and accessories have been carefully crafted and designed to give our natural setting a slightly contemporary feel.

Che Shale attracts people in search of a quiet, natural and stylish setting for their holiday. This is the kind of place that invites to perfect the art of lounging and relaxing. We are also known for being the first and best kitesurf spot in East Africa. Our kitesurf spot is well-known and kitesurfers from around the word come to enjoy top conditions, uncrowded water and good company.


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